The Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance

The Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance is pleased to present the Proposed Budget for the 2019 - 2021 Triennium. The Jesus Movement framework upon which Executive Council built the draft budget remains the framework for the Proposed Budget.

The Proposed Budget is a missionary document. It reflects our Presiding Bishop’s priorities and the current staff structure. This budget funds the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. The three pillars of the Jesus “house” are evangelism, racial reconciliation and justice, and creation care. PB&F constantly referred to the three pillars in crafting the budget.

The budget is built on the foundation of our continuing ministries as a church and our commitments to others both within and beyond our church. It is built upon our ongoing commitment to conciliar governance, and the legal, financial and other services of the Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society. Center.

During this General Convention, there were requests for 39 new Task Forces, Standing Commissions or other interim bodies and for several new staff positions with resolutions that proposed expenditures that exceeded revenues by more than $12 million. The proposals created a competition between the three pillars and other work considered by many to be important or essential. They were also at variance with reducing the bureaucracy of the church, as we decided in the last triennium in response to the TREC report, and in pushing ministry closer to the parishes. Many have grieved the loss of particular church wide ministry offices and programs and have sought to re-establish them at this Convention.

PB&F has heard these competing pleas, and the budget reflects our efforts to respond. As stewards of the financial resources of the church, we have also worked to control costs and to ground expenditures in relation to the three pillars. We adopted three criteria for our work: 1) to expand staff only where major new work requires it; 2) to promote the use of networks and task forces, rather than Standing Committees or other permanent bodies; and 3) to control total spending so that our commitment to diocesan mission and ministry is maintained.

The proposed 2019-2021 triennial budget is balanced at approximately $134 million dollars – some $10 million higher than in the current triennium.

Proposed income is based on a 15% diocesan assessment rate, with provision made for possible waivers; a 5% endowment draw; rental income from leases at the Church Center; an Annual Appeal; and income from fees and other sources. Proposed spending for Mission Program is approximately $4 million higher.

We now present the Proposed Jesus Movement Budget to the 79th General Convention for consideration and action.