D010 Resolution Regarding Inclusion of a hymn in Honor of Dr. Artemisia Bowden

Dr. Artemisia Bowden was recognized by The Episcopal Church at the 78th General Convention in 2015 as a Holy Woman and is now included in the Church's Calendar of Commemorations on August 18.

Dr. Bowden came to The Diocese of West Texas in 1902 upon the call of Bishop James Steptoe Johnston to head a school for the daughters and granddaughters of former slaves, which later became St. Philip's College, a Historically Black College.

Dr. Bowden became known as "the Savior of St. Philip's" through her determined and tireless work to keep the school open during the Great Depression when the diocese could no longer afford financial support.

As part of this work, Dr. Bowden instituted several student musical quartets to travel the United States to generate funds to keep St. Philip's doors open.

Resolution 2018-C048 of the 79th General Convention the House of Bishops Committee on Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music presented its Report #1 on Resolution C048

 (Inclusion of a Hymn in Honor of Artemisia Bowden) and recommended take no further action. Motion carried. The House took no further action (Communicated to the House of Deputies in HB Message #26).

A copy of this resolution and a draft copy of the hymn composed by members of the St. Philip's College community and the Blessed Artemisia Bowden UBE Chapter will be submitted to the appropriate legislative bodies of The Episcopal Church, including specifically, Interim Body, the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music.

In fact, the May 1, 2018 Spring Concert at St. Philip’s College (HBCU) in a Denver Neighborhood better known as the “Hood”, Eastside San Antonio, Texas was a memorable experience for all in attendance. The highpoint of the Concert was the presentation for the first time of the hymn honoring Dr. Artemisia Bowden. The St. Philip’s College Student Choir, under the direction of Faculty Eric J. Schmidt, stunned the attendees with the Student Choir receiving a standing ovation for more than a minute.

The Hymn, “Artemisia, Child of God!” surpasses all expectation of enlivening and invigorating. The official hymn sheet folder will be delivered (to be attached to the Resolution) once the Resolution is accepted by The Office of The General Convention and submitted by fax to the docket of the 80th General Convention 2021 for consideration to be included in the hymnody of the Episcopal Church.

The Artemisia Bowden UBE Chapter presented donations to the “Artemisia Scholarship Program” which were received with screams of gratitude from part of the students. Many of the students that attend St. Philip’s College from the disfranchised Denver Neighborhood do not qualify for financial aid loans because they are not full-time students. Many of these part-time students are breadwinners and caregivers for their homes with drug afflicted parents, parents incarcerated and/or younger siblings at home. Others are part- time students with special needs that rely on tutoring to take a limited study load of one or two courses at a time. These students are well deserving of the “Artemisia Scholarship Program”. These students are trying to emerge from the poverty stringent cycle condition by obtaining an education.

The inclusion of this hymn “Artemisia, Child of God” in honor of Dr. Artemisia Bowen in the hymnody of the Black Saint's section of Lift Every Voice and Sing II, the African American hymnal of the Episcopal Church, by the 80th General Convention 2021 will bring a great sense of accomplishment for St. Philip’s College Community, Denver Neighborhood, the City of San Antonio, and the Christian Community in general that finally the "World" will hear and sing the story of Blessed Artemisia Bowden.