C047 Establishing Compensation for Deacons

Deacons serve in their parish and diocesan positions as deacons without remuneration. The Church Pension Fund provides resources for clergy and lay employees of churches in the Episcopal Church. One of the resources is CREDO, a wellness resource, that helps both active and retired clergy pension plan participants by presenting a holistic approach to wellness for mind, body, spirit, and heart. Participants examine and evaluate their health and wellness from the spiritual, vocational, physical and emotional health and financial points of view. The Church Pension Fund also provides pension and retirement savings plans, health benefits, and educational services. At recent conferences, representatives of the Church Pension Fund have stated that if deacons were paid a nominal amount, the deacons would be eligible for these benefits. This proposed amendment asks that congregations make such a nominal payment of $25 a month to deacons, as well as a payment of 18% ($4.50) to the Church Pension Fund to enable them to participate in the programs and benefits available through the Church Pension Fund.