D052 Amending Canon III.11.8 regarding Objections to Episcopal Elections

This resolution seeks to make three canonical amendments related to the Court of Review’s work investigating contested episcopal elections. The first amendment removes a now anachronistic reference to provincial courts of review, which no longer exist. The second amendment increases the length of time that the Court of Review is given to complete its investigation and issue its report from 30 to 45 days. This change is requested by the President of the Court of Review in response to the Court’s experience investigating episcopal elections during the past triennium. The single, church-wide Court of Review is much larger than the Provincial Courts of Review and so the coordination of calendars to ensure maximal participation by members of the Court, along with the need to sometimes conduct work in translation, necessitates the increased window of time. The third amendment clarifies that the 120 day time period for Standing Committees and Bishops with jurisdiction to consent to the election (described in Canon III.11.3 and Canon III.11.4) does not begin until after the Court of Review concludes its work and its report is distributed.