A023 Direct Inclusion of Asset Mapping Question in the Parochial Report

2018-A058 challenged all congregations to complete their profiles on the Episcopal Asset map. The Episcopal Asset Map is the “Find a Church” and “Find a Ministry” tool of the Episcopal Church. To be effective, the Asset Map requires updating. The Parochial Report provides a tool for reminding congregations to complete or update their profiles as well as promoting the usefulness of the Asset Map in responding to the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

The first item of the mandate for the Standing Commission for World Mission (Resolution 2018-A208) is to identify the global mission work carried out by the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, dioceses, congregations, and mission organizations throughout the church. This ongoing activity would be more effective and current if parishes noted and updated their global mission engagements on the Episcopal Asset Map.

The identification of global mission engagements also supports the work of the Office of Global Partnerships. Understanding the scope and character of these global mission engagements enables communications among parishes and dioceses with similar ministries and provides useful direction for the Office of Global Partnerships and the Global Episcopal Mission Network to provide resources and support for these relationships.