A018 Task Force on Pacifism and Just War

This resolution was referred from the 80th General Convention. It was originally proposed by the Standing Commission on World Mission, listed as 2022-A030, and referred to Legislative Committee 13 - Committees & Commissions

Despite several Resolutions adopted by General Convention over time, awareness and understanding of The Episcopal Church’s approach to the morality and ethics of warfare, informed by both historic pacifist and just war traditions, remains incomplete. Enhancing educational opportunities and training for the Church’s military chaplains on these matters was the intent of the Military Chaplains Just War Education Project proposed by the Standing Commission on World Mission and awarded a Constable Grant by Executive Council in June 2020. This Resolution anticipates the completion of this project in 2021 and seeks to establish a Task Force that can build upon its work to potentially broaden its practical application to the wider Church, respecting the diversity of perspectives on war and peace among Episcopalians while also appreciating the continued calling of the Church to find its prophetic voice on these perennial issues.

Monies budgeted for the Task Force in the Resolution are intended to defray any modest expenses for translation, travel or meeting arrangements to facilitate completion of the Task Force’s work. It is envisioned that the Task Force would rely primarily on virtual meeting technological solutions where possible to minimize these expenses.