A020 Establish a Standing Commission on Care of Creation and Environmental Racism

Final Status: Concurred with Referral to an Interim Body

Resolved, That the 81st General Convention amend Canon I.1.2.n by adding a new subsection 6 thereto, to read as follows:


6. A Standing Commission on Care of Creation and Environmental Racism shall be created to continue the work of the Advisory Council (GC 2015), Task Force (GC 2018), and Task Force (GC 2022). Establishment of this Standing Commission will be an important step in acknowledging that care of creation and response to environmental injustices is an integral and ongoing work of God’s people and church.

It shall be the duty of the Commission to:

i. Support programs that respond to eco-justice concerns, address systemic environmental racism, and work to alleviate environmental burdens on indigenous communities and actively respond to the call for environmental reparations.

ii. Continue to lead the church is responding to the moral and ethical implications of climate change, biodiversity loss and local environmental degradation.

iii. Expand, support and promote the Creation Care Covenant recognizing that this work seeks to align with the loving, liberating and life giving work of evangelism and beloved community.

iv. Provide expertise on programs that respond to the climate crisis and eco-justice including a carbon offset program, efforts for just transition, land based carbon capture initiatives, increase and utilize the capabilities of the Episcopal Asset Map.

v. Continue the creation care and ecojustice grants program and ecojustice fellows program to accomplish the above objectives.

vi. Develop theological materials and liturgical resources to support church wide creation efforts.

v. Recommend strategies to Executive Council and DFMS for the development and support of networks concerning eco-justice and care of creation.

vii. As requested, provide policy support to Executive Council and the Office of Governmental Relations on environmental and eco-justice matters.

And be it further

Resolved, that General Convention approve a budget of $1, 412, 500 to complete the tasks noted above.