C002 On Responsible Travel to the Holy Land

Final Status: Concurred as Amended

Resolved, That the 81st General Convention recommend that pilgrimage travelers to the Holy Land explore and engage the realities of the circumstances and conditions impacting the lives of today's Palestinians and Israelis, paying particular attention to the Israeli military Occupation of Palestinian territories, to the violations of human rights, and to Palestinian national aspirations. It further recommends that visits to the sites of biblical stories be accompanied by “Living Stones,” i.e., Palestinian Christians who are descendants of the first Christians and who feel a special responsibility for maintaining Christian worship in the Holy Land; and be it further

Resolved, That the 81st General Convention acknowledge those individuals who manifest Jesus' ministry of love and justice as witnessed in today's Palestine and Israel in locations of suffering and hardship such as refugee camps and military checkpoints, as well as in churches and historical sites; and be it further

Resolved, That the 81st General Convention encourage travelers to arrange trips, either whole or in part, with agencies or companies that are Palestinian-owned and/or offer itineraries that include encounters with Palestinians who are experiencing the conditions of Occupation.