A156 House of Deputies Rules of Order on Written Comments

As there has been a shift to more work occurring in advance, this change is an essential element to encourage broader participation and deliberation in the legislative process. By including written testimony, we create a more accessible and participatory legislative process, enabling a broader range of individuals to actively engage and offer valuable feedback on resolutions.

The introduction of written testimony allows individuals to contribute their insights even if they cannot attend the committee sessions. This inclusivity ensures that more diverse perspectives can be considered.

This change also simplifies the submission of minor technical changes and grammatical corrections. By submitting them in writing, it is easier for the Committee to track such changes.

In the spirit of transparency and openness, comments and feedback received will be published, providing an additional layer of accountability and visibility to the legislative process. This practice reinforces the Convention's commitment to ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the information and insights shared during the deliberations.

Overall, this proposed change represents a significant step towards a more inclusive, efficient, and transparent legislative process, harnessing the power of written testimony to enrich the decision-making and strengthen the democratic foundations of the General Convention.