D046 The Commemoration of Sister Sophi and her companions, the Deaconesses of The Order of St. Katherine, of the Appleton Church Home

Resolved, the House of Deputies concurring,

That this 80th General Convention recognize the ministry of Sister Sophjenlife “Sophi” Pettison and her companions, honoring their devotion and perseverance in feeding, housing, nursing, educating, and nurturing the faith of orphaned and destitute girls through works of mercy for more than six decades after the American Civil War, by adding them to the calendar of Lesser Feasts and Fasts (or other such calendar as may be adopted for the use of the Episcopal Church) with the following text propers:

Sister Sophi and her companions, founders of the Appleton Deaconess house

Suggested date of Commemoration: September 15  [Sophi’s birthday]