D076 Supporting Reparative Investment Vehicles

Resolved, the House of Deputies concurring,

That The 81st General Convention of The Episcopal Church reaffirms our commitments to reparations for slavery, to community development, and to the role of the church in leading the nation towards racial reconciliation; and be it further

Resolved, That this Convention remembers the 1969 Special General Convention, wherein, the Rev. Paul M. Washington, and then lay delegate from Pennsylvania Barbara C. Harris, spoke to The Episcopal Church’s inadequate response to reparations, and called on all Black delegates to walk out in protest, and be it further

Resolved, That this Convention reaffirms our commitment to support, incubate, and explore opportunities that allow the Church to invest its resources in reparative capital vehicles, such as the AGENDA Fund, which has been born of an Episcopal collaboration with the Bishop Barbara C.Harris Center; and be it further;

Resolved, That this Convention calls upon the Church Pension Group and the Executive Council to study investing in the AGENDA Fund and other reparative capital vehicles that fulfill the Church’s reparations commitments; and be it further

Resolved, That this Convention recommends other church-affiliated institutions explore moving Church assets into other reparative capital vehicles.