A071 Amend Canons III.6.5, III.8.5, and III.10.1

Canon III.9.6.b.2 assigns rectors and priests-in-charge the duty of ensuring that all persons in their charge are instructed concerning Christian stewardship. The ministry of deacons often involves the allocation of resources, a responsibility which should be informed by a Christian theology of money. Clergy of this Church, whether deacon or priest, often lack an understanding of stewardship and the theology of money which would enable them to fulfill their duties of stewardship education and the responsible use of God’s gifts. In other words, we make clergy responsible for stewardship education but give them no tools with which to do it. This resolution would address this problem by requiring formation for all candidates for ordained ministry in the theology of money and stewardship. This training would be available to all members of this Church, much as anti-racism training is required for certain leadership roles yet may be taken by any Episcopalian.