A217 The General Convention Secretariat, the Presiding Bishop’s Staff, Legislative Leadership, and Support Leaders

Final Status: Adopted by HoB

Resolved, That the House of Bishops meeting at this 81st General Convention of The Episcopal Church, gathered in Louisville, Kentucky, expresses our sincere gratitude to the Reverend Canon Michael Barlowe, Executive Officer of the General Convention, to the Reverend Dr. Molly James, Deputy Executive Officer, to the staff of the General Convention Office, and to all those who have volunteered in the General Convention Secretariat, for their faithful service in support of the work of this House and of this Convention;

and further thanks the staff of the Presiding Bishop’s Office for the considerable support that they have given to this House and this Convention both before and during our meeting;

and further thanks to the Legislative Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs, Secretaries, Aides, Liaisons, IT Technicians and Communications personnel.