A059 Amend HOD Rules of Order III - Additional Duties of Deputies

Resolved, That the House of Deputies hereby amends the Rules of Order to add III.C.1-4:

(C) Duties of Deputies

1. Deputies shall be required to report to their Diocese within sixty (60) days after General Convention the legislation passed which is of interest to congregations in their Diocese. Deputies shall prepare a report, in an understandable format, outlining passed legislation and other topics of importance to the Diocese and shall disseminate this report to all congregations within the Diocese.

2. Deputies shall put forth at their Diocesan Convention all General Convention legislation that should be adopted at the Diocesan level, and report to the Office of General Convention on the status of such legislation.

3. Deputies shall continue to be a resource to their Diocese for information on legislation passed at General Convention until such time as a new deputation is elected.

4. Deputies shall serve as a conduit to their Dioceses of any items of importance disseminated by the President of the House of Deputies until such time as their successors are elected.

And be it further

Resolved, That pursuant to Canon I.1.2, this will remain in force until amended or repealed by the House.

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