A062 Amend Canon II.3.6-9

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, That the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church amend Canon II.3.6 as follows:

Sec. 6 (a) Whenever the General Convention, pursuant to Article X(b)of the Constitution, shall authorize for trial use a proposed revision of the Book of Common Prayer, or of a portion or portions thereof, the enabling Resolution shall specify the period of such trial use, the precise text thereof, and any special terms or conditions under which such trial use shall be carried out including translation.

(b) It shall be the duty of the Custodian of the Standard Book of Common Prayer:

(1) To arrange for the publication of such proposed revision;

(2) To protect, by copyright, the authorized text of such revision, on behalf of the General Convention; which copyright shall be relinquished when such proposed revision or revisions shall have been adopted by the General Convention as an alteration of, or addition to, the Book of Common Prayer;

(3) To certify that printed copies of such revision or revisions have been duly authorized by the General Convention, and that the printed text conforms to that approved by the General Convention.

(c) During the said period of trial use and under the modifying conditions specified, only the material so authorized, and in the exact form in which it has been so authorized, shall be available as an alternative for the said Book of Common Prayer or the said portion or portions thereof; provided, however, that it shall be competent for the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies, jointly, on recommendation by a resolution duly adopted at a meeting of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music communicated to the said presiding officers in writing, to authorize variations and adjustments to, or substitutions for, or alterations in, any portion of the texts under trial, which seem desirable as a result of such trial use, and which do not change the substance of a rite.

(d) In the event of the authorization of such variations, adjustments, substitutions, or alternatives, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Custodian of the Standard Book of Common Prayer to notify the Ecclesiastical Authority of every Diocese, and the Convocation of the American Episcopal Churches in Europe, of such action, and to give notice thereof through the media of public information.

And be it further

Resolved, That Canon III.3 be amended by adding a new Section 7 and renumbering all subsequent sections:

Sec. 7. Whenever the General Convention, pursuant to Article X(c) of the Constitution, shall authorize alternative liturgies to one or more liturgies in the Book of Common Prayer or additional liturgies to those in the Book of Common Prayer, the enabling Resolution shall specify the precise texts thereof, and the terms and conditions under which such liturgies may be used.

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