A126 Amend Canon IV.19 - Recommend Repeal of IV.19.31

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That Canon IV.19.31 be stricken in its entirety and that the canons that follow it be renumbered accordingly:

Sec. 31

Any Member of the Clergy canonically resident in the Diocese who deems himself or herself to be under imputation, by rumor or otherwise, of any Offense for which proceedings could be had under this Title, may on his or her own behalf request the Bishop Diocesan to conduct an inquiry with regard to such imputation. Upon receipt of such request by a Member of the Clergy, it shall be the duty of the Bishop Diocesan to cause the matter to be investigated and to report the result to the Member of the Clergy.


Concerns have been expressed that the appropriate initial steps to address rumors concerning a priest exist in the pastoral relationship between priest and bishop and that this Canon such as is not necessary. Upon review of these concerns, it was determined that the best course to address these concerns is to strike this Canon in the entirety.

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