A128 Amend Canon IV.2 - Composition of a Conference Panel

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That Canon IV.2 be amended as follows:

Conference Panel shall mean a panel of one two (2) or more members of the Disciplinary Board selected by the president of the board, unless some other manner of selection is provided by Diocesan Canon, to serve as the body before which an informal conference is held as provided in Canon IV.12, provided, however, that no such member of the Conference Panel may serve as a member of the Hearing Panel in the same case. The president of the Disciplinary Board shall be ineligible to serve on the Conference Panel. If tThe Conference Panel consists of more than one member, it shall include both clergy and lay members in equal proportions.


There needs to be a minimum of two (2) people from the Disciplinary Board in order to ensure that it is possible to include a clergy and a lay person on the Conference Panel.

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