A129 Amend Canon IV.19.30(a)(1) - Retention of Records

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That Canon IV.19.30(a)(1) be amended to read as follows:

Canon IV.19.30(a) Records of Proceedings shall be preserved as follows:

  1. Each Hearing Panel and Provincial Court of Review and Court of Review for Bishops shall keep a complete and accurate record of its proceedings by any means from which a written transcript can be produced. When all proceedings have been concluded, the president of the Panel or Court shall certify the record. If the president did not participate in the proceeding for any reason, the Panel or Court shall elect another member of the Panel or Court to certify the record.


The current wording of the Canon does not designate that retention of records pertains to both clergy and bishops. This wording clarifies that retention of records is necessary for deacons, priests and bishops.

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