A145 Urging Adoption of Local Canons Relating to Episcopal Elections

Resolved, That the 79th General Convention urges each diocese and jurisdiction of The Episcopal Church, prior to the call for the election of its next bishop, to adopt policies and procedures that are consistent with the principles and values presented in the Diversity Section (Section III) of the Task Force on the Episcopacy's Blue Book Report to the 79th General Convention, to foster diversity across the Church's leadership, including its bishops; and be it further

Resolved, That the policies, procedures and best practices address the following subjects:

  • An outline of the procedure to be followed by the diocese in its search and election process beginning with the initial call for an election and ending with the ordination of the new bishop;
  • Identify specific actions to be taken to
    • Encourage a diverse applicant pool and follow a search and election process that reduces the likelihood of discrimination based on the criteria contained in Canon III.1.2
    • Ensure that the process is transparent throughout the entire search and election process;
    • Provide accountability for all involved in the search and election process;
    • Require, prior to nomination, the collection of pertinent data on candidates being considered for nomination using the most current means available for background checks, financial information, and interviews of all bishops and transition officers having knowledge of a person being considered for nomination; and be it further

Resolved, That the Office of Pastoral Development, assisted by the Task Force to Assist the Office of Pastoral Development, develop and provide to the dioceses examples of policies, procedures, and best practices that are consistent with fostering diversity.

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