A146 Revisions to The Raising Up of Episcopal Leadership - A Manual for Dioceses in Transition

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That the 79th General Convention urges that the The Raising Up of Episcopal Leadership - A Manual for Dioceses in Transition (the “Manual”) be revised and updated to reflect the following:

* Best practices for transition process from announcement of transition to incorporation of newly elected bishop into diocesan system

* Resources that provide flexibility for use by both large and small dioceses

* Alternatives to minimize costs of transition process

* Ways to establish a transparent transition process with accountability

* Training for elected diocesan leaders/committee members involved in the transition process

* Suggestions for use of technology including secure internal communications among diocesan committees, secure communications with potential nominees, and secure sharing of reference and background check information

* Means for electronic and other background checks

* Suggestions for use of social media and websites for communicating search profile, status update, and election information

* Expanded reference check resources

* Most current medical and psychological testing

* Expanded background check resources including legal, financial, criminal, vehicular and civil information

* Interviews with current and former bishops with oversight of potential nominees

* Interviews with current and former diocesan Transition Ministers in ministry with potential nominees

* Encourage election procedures that allow time for adequate screening (e.g., discourage nominations from the floor)

* Transition Consultant services

* Discussion of election options/alternatives available to dioceses per canons


Pursuant to its mandate the Task Force on the Episcopacy analyzed the current Manual and determined that the matters set forth in this Resolution would help improve the processes for electing bishops.

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