A183 Amend Article IX - First reading

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That the Constitution Article IX be amended to read as follows:

Article IX

The General Convention may, by Canon, establish one or more Courts for the Trial of Bishops.

Presbyters and Deacons canonically resident in a Diocese shall be tried by a Court instituted by the General Convention by Canon. thereof;. Presbyters and Deacons canonically resident in a Missionary Diocese shall be tried according to Canons adopted by the Bishop and Convocation thereof, with the approval of the House of Bishops; provided that the General Convention in each case may prescribe by Canon for a change of venue.

The General Convention, in like manner, may establish or may provide for the establishment of Courts of Review of the determination of diocesan or other trial Courts.

The Court for the review of the determination of the trial Court, on the trial of a Bishop, shall be composed of Bishops only.

The General Convention, in like manner, may establish an ultimate Court of Appeal, solely for the review of the determination of any Court of Review on questions of Doctrine, Faith, or Worship.

None but a Bishop shall pronounce sentence of suspension, or removal, or deposition from the Ministry, on any Bishop, Presbyter, or Deacon; and none but a Bishop shall admonish any Bishop, Presbyter, or Deacon.

A sentence of suspension shall specify on what terms or conditions and at what time the suspension shall cease. A sentence of suspension may be remitted in such manner as may be provided by Canon.


Currently, the Constitution requires that Priests and Deacons be tried by Courts created by each Diocesan Convention. The result is that there are over 100 disciplinary structures to carry out Title IV proceedings that require filling a minimum of 12 people (Disciplinary Board, Intake Officer, Advisors, Church Attorney, and Investigator) and often many more (Disciplinary Boards larger than the minimum number of seven, multiple Church Attorneys to handle different kinds of cases, more Advisors, etc.).

This amendment would allow for the possible creation of provincial, church wide or other ways of providing for the discipline of Priests and Deacons besides by each and every diocese without requiring any changes to the current diocesan system.

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