A218 The Proposed Book of Occasional Services 2018

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Resolved, the House of _______________ concurring, That the 79th General Convention approve the following services from the Proposed Book of Occasional Services 2018 for use by worshipping communities in The Episcopal Church:

Seasonal Blessings;

Concerning the Advent Wreath;

Advent Festival of Lessons and Song;

Blessing of a Crèche;

Christmas Festival of Lessons and Song;

Service for New Year’s Eve;

Candlemas Procession;

Blessings over Food at Easter;

Rogation Procession;

St. Francis Day/Blessing of Animals;

Service for All Hallows’ Eve;

Rite for Receiving or Claiming a New Name;

Preparation of Adults for Holy Baptism:

The Catechumenate;

Preparation of Parents and Sponsors of Infants and Young Children to be Baptized;

Preparation for Confirmation,

Reception or other Reaffirmations of the Baptismal Covenant;

Recognition of Ministries in the Church and the World;

Celebration for a Home and A Shorter Blessing of a Home;

Anniversary of a Marriage;

A Public Service of Healing;

Welcoming after Traumatic Absence;

Concerning Exorcism;

Concerning Oil;

Concerning Water;

Dedication of Church Furnishings and Ornaments;

The Founding of a Church;

Ground Breaking;

Laying a Cornerstone;

A Litany for the Mission of the Church;

A Variety of Church Planting Liturgies;

Restoring of Things Profaned;

Distribution of Holy Communion by Lay Eucharistic Ministers to Persons Who are Ill or Infirm;

Guidelines for Use on the Occasion of a Retirement or Work Transition;

Liturgical Materials Honoring God in Creation;

Consecration of Chrism Apart from Baptism;

A Proper for the Consecration of Chrism;

A Service for the Ending of a Pastoral Relationship and Leave-taking from a Congregation;

Recognition and Investiture of a Diocesan Bishop;

Welcoming and Seating of a Bishop in the Cathedral;

Setting Apart for a Special Vocation;

And be it further

Resolved, That The Blessing of a Pregnant Woman be restored; and be it further

Resolved, That these services be made available as a digital resource; and be it further

Resolved, That the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music seek and receive feedback on their use.


Legislative Committee 12, Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music, understands that the Standing Commission for Liturgy and Music was not able to complete its work on the proposed Book of Occasional Services 2018. Committee 12 would like to make available digital forms of the above rites and ceremonies included in this resolution for use by the Church during the next triennium, while SCLM continues its work on the other rites and ceremonies.

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