A221 Collaboration and Networking

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That after the 79th General Convention, The Episcopal Church commit to equipping and strengthening the work of networking and affinity groups of The Episcopal Church; including but not limited to: visioning for the kinds of collective aspirations for dioceses and articulating how these aspirations and efforts support The Episcopal Church in the mission of Jesus Christ; building the capacity for idea and resource sharing among dioceses and other networks; articulating the funding issues associated with collaboration; and finding ways to fund ministry; and be it further

Resolved, That this work be initiated by affinity groups, networks, members of dioceses, and the wider Episcopal Church; and be it further

Resolved, That the fruits and learnings of this work be reported to the Executive Council and presented with recommendations for any system changes to the 80th General Convention.


The Task Force for the Study of Provinces acknowledged that the current provincial structure is uneven, and efforts to change it create challenges around funding, human resources, program viability, and representation on Executive Council.
As the Committee for Congregational and Diocesan Vitality, we have discerned that the future of the provincial system is uncertain. In an attempt to move forward, the Committee wishes to focus on the places within and outside the provincial system where networking is flourishing and has potential for furthering the mission of Jesus Christ.

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