C008 Advocacy for Creation Care

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That the 79th General Convention urge further advancement of the House of Bishop’s 2011 commitment , “to advocate for a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty,” by making every effort to fully and completely participate in future meetings of the United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change as an active, faithful and engaged voice for all of God’s good earth.


Whereas, we acknowledge the important economic contribution many people have made by working in the fossil fuel industry, while we also recognize that there is an important shift toward renewable energy which will protect God’s good creation. Supporting this shift is part of the Church’s call to being part of the Jesus Movement in the world and;

Whereas, climate change is recognized as a human made threat to all God’s creation, including people, creatures and the entire created order, while particularly placing unjust and inequitable burdens and stresses on Native Peoples, poor communities and people of color.

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