C039 Amend Parochial Report

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That the 79th General Convention direct the Executive Council and Committee on the State of the Church to amend the Parochial Report to include data on the annual consumption and costs of electricity, oil, and gas of all church properties.


The availability of such data will enable individual churches, deaneries, dioceses, and Provinces to aggregate their energy consumption and take their demand to the marketplace. The Episcopal Church then can become partners rather than just consumers in energy generation and infrastructure. With the guidance of recommended experts and institutions, savings of up to 30% or more can be expected. Eventually membership may include parishioners and their homes and businesses.
Among those experts we would recommend:
1. The USEPA Energy Star for Congregations program. (126 Episcopal congregations and 4 Dioceses are members)
2. Catholic Energies
3. Renewable Energy Partnership
4. Vermont Energy Investment and its spinoffs
o Commons Energy
o How to Start Your own ESCO

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