D027 Pursuing Justice in Gaza

Resolved, That the General Convention in light of Israel's escalating indifference to international law and the rights of civilians under the Geneva Convention and other treaties, the Convention calls on the Congress and President of the United States to cooperate with calls by the United Nations for independent, transparent investigations into the use of lethal force against unarmed civilians by the Israeli Defense Force, as well as by Palestinian forces; and be it further

Resolved, that if information of human rights violations by military forces is corroborated, the Convention stress the obligation of the US government to enforce the Leahy Amendment, which prohibits the USA from providing funds to foreign military units when human rights violations have been credibly identified; and be it further

Resolved, that the Convention urge both Israeli and Palestinian governments to engage in non-violent methods of conflict resolution, using justice-seeking non-governmental groups in Israel-Palestine and beyond.

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