D033 Amend Canons IV.2 and IV.6 - Churchwide Intake Officer

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, That the 79th General Convention amend Title IV, Canon 2 to add the definition of “Churchwide Intake Officer” as follows:

Churchwide Intake Officer. One or more Intake Officer(s) appointed by the President of the House of Deputies and confirmed by lay and clergy members of Executive Council to serve as churchwide Intake Officers as set forth in Title IV, Canon 6.11.

And be it further resolved:

That Title IV be amended to add new Title IV, Canon 6.11 to read as follows:

11. If any Complainant or Injured Person has a concern that there may be a conflict of interest, or other factor which might reasonably impair the fair and objective consideration of their claim, between the Intake Officer in the diocese where the claim would be filed (or all dioceses where the claim could be properly brought) and the Bishop of that diocese and/or the President of the Disciplinary Board, the Complainant or Injured Person may bring the matter to the Churchwide Intake Officer described in Title IV, Canon 2, for the remainder of that case. The expenses of that Intake Officer will be borne by the diocese in which the claim is being brought.

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