D035 Amend Canon III.9 regarding Reconciliation and Mediation Between Clergy

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Resolved, the House of _______ concurring, That Canon III.9 be amended to add the following section:

Sec. 16. Reconciliation of Disagreements affecting the Collegial Relationship between Clergy serving in the same Diocese

When the pastoral relationship between individual clergy serving in the same diocese is imperiled by disagreement or dissension, either party may petition the Bishop Diocesan, in writing, to intervene and assist the parties in their efforts to resolve the conflict. The written petition shall include sufficient information to inform the Bishop Diocesan of the nature, causes, and specifics of the dissension. The Bishop Diocesan shall initiate such proceedings as are deemed appropriate, which may include the appointment of a consultant or qualified mediator. The Bishop Diocesan may also serve as the mediator, at the bishop’s discretion. The parties to the disagreement, following the recommendations of the Bishop Diocesan, shall labor in good faith toward that reconciliation. If such proceedings, after an agreed-upon period of time, lead to reconciliation, said reconciliation shall contain definitions of responsibility and accountability for the involved clergy.


These amendments provide a process for reconciliation among clergy. These processes parallel those for reconciliation between a bishop and a diocese.

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