D087 Parents Nursing or Bottle-Feeding Children

Resolved, That House of Deputies Rules of Order IV(A) is hereby amended as follows:

(A) Floor Privileges. No one will be admitted to the floor except Deputies, officers of the House, and:

(1) the Treasurer of the General Convention;

(2) other persons authorized by the President or Secretary, to assist in the conduct of the business of the House;

(3) other persons invited or authorized by the President;

(4) infants under one year of age with a parent or guardian who is a deputy;

(5) children over one-year-old who require nursing or bottle-feeding only while feeding;

(6) caregivers of children, to bring a child to a feeding parent when the child needs to be fed, escorted in and out as directed by the President.

Be it also

Resolved, That House of Deputies Rules of Order IV is hereby amended to create section (G) as follows:

(G) Child Care Accommodations. Space will be provided to permit nursing or bottle-feeding while on the floor and access to voting while in the area. A nursing parent will not be asked to wear a cover or move to the designated feeding area.

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