X006 Special Order for the Consideration of Resolutions on Prayer Book Revision

Resolved, the House of Deputies set special rules of order for debate at 4:00 PM on the Second Legislative Day, July 6th, for the consideration of A068, concerning Prayer Book revision.

1. Total time of the discussion shall be 60 minutes.

2. The first 15 minutes of discussion shall be for clarifying questions only.

3. Then follows 15 minutes of debate, wherein no motions to amend will be entertained.

4. Then follows 30 minutes of debate using the standard House of Deputies Rules of Order, except that debate may not be terminated on the main motion until the total time of 60 minutes of discussion have passed.

5. Prior to voting on A068, the President of the House of Deputies will call upon the Chaplain to lead the house in silent prayer for at least 2 minutes, which time may be extended by the request of any deputy under the regular rules of order.

5. 6.The Resolution to be debated, A068, will be placed on Day 2 Legislative Calendar.

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