X022 Special Order of Debate for the General Convention Budget

Resolved, the House of Deputies set special rules of order for debate on the Eighth Legislative Day, July 12th, for the first item of legislative business for the consideration of the Triennium Budget.

1. Total time of the discussion shall be 60 minutes.
2. The first 10 minutes will be for clarifying questions only.
3. Then follows 20 minutes of debate on the resolution. No motions to amend or substitute will be in order during this time.
4. Following the 20 minutes of debate, the House will consider amendments or substitutes., which must keep the budget balanced.
5. All amendments must be prefiled before the start of the session where the budget will be considered. Amendments will be considered in the order in which they are pre-filed prior to the start of the Legislative Session. Debate on each amendment will be limited to 6 minutes.
6. No motion to end debate early during this debate will be in order.

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