Resolutions by Proposer

01 - Rules of Order/HOD
02 - Constitution and Canons
04 - Governance and Structure
05 - World Mission
06 - The Episcopal Church in Cuba
07 - Social Justice and International Policy
08 - Social Justice and United States Policy
09 - Racial Justice and Reconciliation
10 - Congregational and Diocesan Vitality
11 - Evangelism and Church Planting
12 - Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music
13 - Committee to Receive the Report of Resolution A169
15 - Ministry
17 - Church Pension Fund
18 - Stewardship & Socially Responsible Investing
19 - Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations
20 - Environmental Stewardship and Care of Creation
21 - Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance
22 - Dispatch of Business/HOB
24 - Privilege and Courtesy/HOB
24 - Privilege and Courtesy/HOD
Advisory Council on the Stewardship of Creation
Advisory Group on Church Planting
Alexander, Ms. Martha Bedell
Alexander, The Rev. Sharon
Ambos, Canon Paul
Andrus, The Rt. Rev. Marc
Atkinson, The Rev. Kate
Avery, The Rev. Gail
Barker, The Rt. Rev. J. Scott
Beckwith, The Rt. Rev. Mark
Beisner, The Rt. Rev. Barry
Benhase, The Rt. Rev. Scott
Bennett, The Rev. Debra
Board of Trustees of the General Thelogical Seminary of the Episcopal Church
Breidenthal, The Rt. Rev. Thomas
Brock, The Rev. Laurie
Brookhart, The Rt. Rev. C. Franklin
Butler, Ms. Diane
Cavaliere, Captain Louis
Clarke, Mr. Myles B.
Committee to Study the Relationship of General Seminary & General Convention
Conley, Dr. Dawn
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
Daniel, The Rt. Rev. Clifton
Davidson, The Rev. Bob
Dean Larsen, Canon Julie
Dietsche, The Rt. Rev. Andrew
Dinwiddie, The Rev. Philip
Douglas, The Rt. Rev. Ian
Doyle, The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew
Eccles, The Very Rev. M.E.
Edwards, The Rt. Rev. Dan
Executive Council
Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
Executive Council Committee on Corporate and Social Responsibility
Fisher, The. Rt. Rev. Douglas
Fitzpatrick, The Rt. Rev. Robert
Foster, The Rev. Willis
Fox, The Rev. Jedediah
Funston, Ms. Michael
Getz, Ms. Pauline
Gibbs, The Rt. Rev. Wendell
Glasspool, The Rt. Rev. Mary
Glosson, Mr. Louis
Gonzalez-Bonillas, Ms. Ariana
Grieves, The Rev. Canon Brian
Grotzinger, The Rev. Terri
Harris, Ms. Julia
Hill, Ms. Charis
House of Bishops Committee on Pastoral Development
House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church
Jackson, The Rev. Paula
James, The Rev. Dr. Molly
Jefferts Schori, The Rt. Rev. Katharine
Johnson IV, Mr. John
Johnson, The Rev. Deon
Johnston, The Rt. Rev. Shannon
Johnstone, The Rev. Canon. Elise
Joint Standing Committee on Nominations
Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements
Lawton, Ms. Sarah
Lees, Mr. Adam
Magness, The Rt. Rev. James
Mathews, The Very Rev. Dr. Koshy
Mbele-Mbong, Ms. Helena
McConnell, The Rt. Rev. Dorsey
McDaniel, Mr. Joe
McKellar, Mrs. Andrea
Metoyer, The Rev. Eric
Miller, Canon Richard
Miller, The Rev. Patrick
Montagno, The Rev. Karen
Navajoland Area Mission
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
O'Neal, Ms. Yvonne
O'Sullivan-Hale, Canon Brendan
Parish, The Rev. Nurya
Perez, Mr. Erick
Powel, Mr. William
President of House of Deputies
Presler, The Rev. Dr. Titus
Price, Jr., The Rt. Rev. Kenneth
Provenzano, The Rt. Rev. Lawrence
Province I
Province II
Province III
Province IV
Province VIII
Ramon Juarez, Sr. José
Randle, Mr. Russell
Reed, The Rt. Rev. David M.
Rio Grande
Rowe, The Rt. Rev. Sean
Rushing, Mr. Byron
Russell, Ms. Laura
Russell, The Rev. Cn. Susan
Sanborn, The Rev. Calvin
Scarfe, The Rt. Rev. Alan
Scott, The Rev. Marshall
Scriven, The Rev. Beth
Secretary of General Convention
Shambaugh, The Very Rev. Dr. Benjamin
Simons, The Rev. Dr. James
Skimina, Mr. Timothy
Smith, Mr. Newland
Smith, The Rev. Nora
Smith, The Rt. Rev. George Wayne
Snow, Ms. D. Rebecca
Southern Ohio
Southern Virginia
Southwest Florida
Spelman, The Rev. Kate
Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music
Standing Commission on Structure, Governance, Constitution and Canons
Stanley, The Rev. Lauren
Stephens, The Rev. Canon Paul
Stickler Glass, The Rev. Vanessa
Stokes, Ms. Deborah
Stokes, The Rt. Rev. William
Svoboda-Barber, The Rev. Dr. Helen
Taber-Hamilton, The Rev. Rachel
Task Force on Clergy Leadership in Small Congregations
Task Force on Leveraging Social Media for Evangelism
Task Force on Review of PB Election and Transition Process
Task Force on the Episcopacy
Task Force on the Episcopal Church in Cuba
Task Force on the Study of Marriage
Task Force to Study Church Leadership & Compensation
Task Force to Study Provinces
Task Force to Update Sexual Misconduct Policies
Trambley, The Rev. Adam
Varghese, The Rev. Winnie
Velez Garcia, Mr. Bryan
Vosburgh, Mr. George
Wacaster, The Rev. David C
West Missouri
West Texas
Wong, The Hon. Warren
Wright, The Rt. Rev. Rob
Zamboni, The Rev. Jack